Go, going, gone

I’ve been thinking about this for a while & finally decided to make the move, both physically & virtually. As our family moved from cowboyland to the Bay Area, I thought it’s time I also migrated my blogs from Blogger to WordPress.

This move symbolizes a new chapter in my life. It feels great to be back in the Bay Area, where I’ve lived for 4 years before going to the Big State. I’m excited about the new possibilities here & am looking forward to enjoying this place that we’re calling home – for now.

More later. Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Go, going, gone

  1. 周游:

    thanks! we moved at about the same time! i’m sure you totally understand how it feels to be moving cross-country. it feels great to be back in this part of the country. hopefully i’ll be able to do a better job of up-keeping of this blog!

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