A first for me

I kind of knew this would be coming, but didn’t take any action since I was feeling unsure.

Last weekend, as I was mentally preparing myself for my first day at my new job, I was thinking there’s probably going to be a Haloween office party. And was I right? Yesterday I was told that the all-staff meeting is going to be this Friday & we’ll combine it with a Halloween party. Everyone is expected to dress for the occasion.

I’ve never had any real Halloween party before. To me, this is one of those “celebrations” that i don’t really get. I mean, it’s fun to dress up and everything. But I don’t see the point of celebrating Halloween – what is there to celebrate exactly?

Anyhoo…I’m excited about this party & have started to think about my costume. I don’t think I’m going to go the whole nine yard, but I do want to do something fun. I still have a couple of days to think about it & hopefully would come up with something original.


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