A Brand New Day

Embedded video from CNN Video

Today is symbolic in so many ways. I watched part of the inauguration at the conference room in my office with my colleagues this morning, while my 5-year-old was watching it with his classmates and teachers at his school.

“We’ll be watching Barack Obama being sworn in as the President of the United States of America next Tuesday,” Genghis told me last Friday. I’m so proud of his sophisticated use of words.


We have satellite radio in the car. There’re a number of channels for each music genre. The ones we usually listen to are classic rock, chill out & reggae. During the election, the song below was played quite a lot in the Reggae channel & Genghis has picked up on it. Now every time we talked about Obama, he would sing, “Barack Obama, Barack Obama, Barack Obama, oi! Oi!”

9 thoughts on “A Brand New Day

  1. I made sure I had a box of tissue in front of me before he gave the inauguration speech 🙂 I know it is lame but I always cry when he gives speeches. I just read Michelle Obama’s white dress was designed by Jason Wu, a 26 year old designer born and raised in Taiwan. He is in New York now.

  2. We are still talking abt yesterday’s event today !!! Guess it will take at least a week for people (incl me) to settle down 🙂

  3. exile from HK,

    I was so touched by his speech. There’s an article on NYT today about how racially diverse Obama’s family is – including all the half siblings, in-laws, etc. It’s a really interesting read, & it gives you a different perspective as a minority in this country.


    I know! I’m still reading articles after articles about our new president! The more I read about him, the more I like this guy!

  4. Do you guys feel any “Obama Effect” in your area? It is like people in my area are unusually friendly today. May be I am just imagining. It is kind of like the day after 9/11, Americans seemed to be more united, of course we have short memories too. Yay for seeing more diversity in the White House. To be honest, I didn’t vote for Obama in the primary, oh, I know, how could I not? But I didn’t believe the country was ready for a black President then. I voted for Hillary thinking she would have a better chance to beat the old man. I can proudly say I made an informed decision at the end. If Obama turns out to be a fake, I would hate myself for supporting him but at least I won’t be the only fool. I am not waiting for him to fix anything for me. I am just hoping that he can steer the country back to a right direction. Sorry for taking up your blog space. I guess I am just frustrated with how things are in the country right now.

  5. Exile and Others:

    The “Obama” effect is felt especially in the visible minority community. People seem to have more confidence in themselves and see the future in a more positive light. The wind of change is definitely in the air.

    As to one’s choice of candidate, I believe the important thing is that we all exercise our democratic rights and cast our votes in an election. Unlike some of the more right-wing faction in the US who openly wants Obama to fail, I believe tolerance, hope, and the collective will to succeed are key ingredients to a better future for the US and the world. Isn’t that what a democratic election is about?!!!


  6. Ditto to what lotusandcedar said. This election opened my eyes to how self-righteous and selfish right-wing people can be. I didn’t hope for Bush’s failure but when he failed I criticize him. I will continue to criticize the government no matter who’s in office.

  7. exile from hk & lotusandcedar,

    sorry for the late response. but yeah, i think Obama has really been an inspiration to a lot of people, including myself. Me & my husband has always joked that our son is going to be the President in 40 years – maybe it will come true?

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