Happy Chinese New Year!


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 Wishing everyone a fantastic Year of the Ox!

祝新春大吉    牛年喜氣樂融融

7 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. ha-ha, that’s just too funny. Your kid is going to hate it then love it when he grows up.

    Man, you are moving like again. Can I say it here? Man you are such a nomad, or are you “wanted” some where?

    Happy New Year.

  2. 周游,

    Thanks! I wish you & your family an awesome year! & btw, Genghis is a boy – many people thought he’s a girl because he has long hair. & of course it doesn’t help that I put this pink hat on him…




    I have been contemplating making some gifs & this is such perfect occasion! I know Genghis loves it now but I’m sure he’ll be hating this kind of “exposure” in a few years’ time.

    Moving…yeah. We calll ourselves urban nomads – we go anywhere there’s good opportunities. But this time, though, we’re just moving a few blocks away because we just bought a house. We kinda plan this, so most of our stuff are still in boxes.

    Happy New Year to you, too!



    sun sun,

    he’s actually trying quite hard to pronounce all the words correctly. of course, as you heard him on the phone, he still sounds like gweilo speaking Chinese…

    sorry about not saying kung hei fat choy to you – your nephew is too much to handle. he kept grabbing my headphones when i’m talking to di, so i have to hang up. will call you guys again this weekend.

  3. Di showed the pic to mi, dor, ming & bei. They all said “it’s too small to see”… but of course they like it. And unfortunately bei also said your son looks like a girl.

    Tell your son just be 冷靜啲 and he’ll be able to speak mandarin/cantonese easily.

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