Last night I was on the train

Last night

When I was on the train

Going through the Port of Oakland

I saw numerous gigantic cranes

Sitting along the coastline

Against the orange setting sun

And they reminded me of Tsing Yi

My ear started to hurt

My head started aching

My vision blurred a little

For a moment

I thought I was on the Airport Express

Zooming to Hong Kong Station

Thinking I was going home


I WAS going home

Just a different home

13 thoughts on “Last night I was on the train

  1. I think home is where your heart is. Actually I prefer to just have one home. I don’t want to split my heart in two.

    Hong Kong doesn’t feel like home any more. More like my home city (鄉下!). Every time I go back, I would stay for a month or so, then I’d be very happy to run back to California.

    • when i first came here, there’s been a few months where i was traveling back & forth between hk & sf. i would wake up in the middle of the night not knowing where i was. it was really scary at first. after a while, it’s just like, oh, husband is here – it’s sf, or husband is not here – it’s hk.

  2. something funny in me, i woke up very often at night not knowing where i was, even when i lived in Hk. Until i came to France, it stopped. Since then i suppose i’ve found my place. But then, as age grows, specially since the birth of my own child, i start trying to find my roots…

    • michelle,

      i actually don’t really have problems with figuring out where i am – it was just when i was riding the train the other day, i suddenly realized how similar it was, in certain ways, the 2 places that i call home.

      about finding roots: i am more interested to learn about chinese culture only after i left hk; especially now that i have a kid, i feel like i have the responsibility to teach him about chinese culture.

  3. totally understand:)

    i have been having this “struggle” for a while, that there is still a hidden hope to move back to hk. then i will “regain” my family, all my friends, and of course the food. it turned out to be my unfulfilled dream, an escape corner…. until the point that i must “kill” hk in my mind, so as to realise sweden as a home, our home.

    • Same here. There was a time, I think about 3 years ago, I was always secretly hoping that we’ll be moving to Hong Kong. But last time I was back visiting my family & friends, my mind changed. I now think that while HK is a great place to be in, for this stage of my life, California is the best for me. My husband still doesn’t know I had once wanted to go back so badly 🙂

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