Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day

For the nostalgic photographers:

Photojojo alerted us to World Pinhole Camera Day on Sunday (April 26) and also to the extravagant pinhole cameras for free download from Corbis. They come as a pdf that you cut out and assemble yourself — warning, these are the most complicated instructions we’ve seen in a while, but they look cool! All the designs are created by Fwis, a small design firm based in New York. (via RESOLVE)

Share your work with me if you indeed made a pinhole camera of your own!


7 thoughts on “Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day

    • lcl,
      Not yet – this is on my crafts to-do-list. I’m hoping I’ll get this done in the next month. I don’t think you need a dark room to do it, though. I’ll read through the instrustions more carefull when I finally get around to it.

  1. hi hongkie, i’ve not made any pinhole, but have finally opened a daily photo blog recently (… sorry i didn’t choose Livebook, as i’m not professional i prefer something free for now 😛 do check it out when you have time and let me know your comments 😉 have a good day !

  2. michelle,

    nice photo blog you have there! i love the variety of subjects of your images. i wish i have a better camera…(my only “good” camera is an old-school Olympus OM-1 that i inherited from my dad. the other ones that i use are mostly point-and-shoot.)

  3. Thanks for your kind comment hongkie ! i am using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ5 which is also almost point-and-shoot 😛 am also thinking seriously to invest on a better camera too…

  4. I read about the Avedon show on the NYT as well. If the exhibit is free I may check it out at ICP which is not far away from where I work.

    wow, I didn’t know JPG actually was closed down and now re-introduced. I think r&e has a subscription on their print, see it’s dangerous to subscribe now. Well don’t know how it’s working out for her.

    I read a few pieces of your editorials including the interview about a studio in Brooklyn. Cool.

    • lcl,

      I think there’s an admission to ICP. But I still think you should go 🙂 I so envy you. I’d love to see the exhibition. Avedon is my favorite fashion photographer. He’s so ahead of his time.

      I didn’t realize R&E is a subscriber of JPG. Good thing now that it’s back in business. The thing about subscription is most of the time, the cost of a one-year subscription is cheaper than to buy 2 or 3 of the magazines on newstands. So I guess it’s worth the risk.

      And thanks for visiting my “work” blog! I wish I had more time to write more stories for the blog, but too bad I also have other marketing duties that I have to do. Right now, I write the photo news every week & then once in a while, I’d work on a story or two.

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