Spring Soccer

The two were playing soccer – well, I actually prefer to call it football, but to avoid confusion for my American friends, I’ll use soccer here – on a soccer field close to our house.

bros spring soccer

It always gives me such joy to watch these little guys play together. I still remember the days when me and my big bro and little sis played in the parks and playgrounds.

Rohan Spring Soccer

Rohan is now walking very steadily. He’s very independent and curious just like his brother Genghis. Every time I look at him, I think of all the cute things Genghis did when he was a baby. Can I call this double happiness?

Genghis Spring Soccer

Genghis is growing up so fast. His baby fat is long gone, and he now looks like a miniature teenager.

Spring has really sprung in California. I hope I can take more pictures of the boys in this nice weather.


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