What’s a Hongkie?

Hongkie – a term used to describe a native of Hong Kong (not to be misread as white trash), an identity I will always hold on to.

Hongkie At Large

That’s me, author of this blog.

In 2003, I decided to drop everything and start a family and a new life in a foreign country called USA. I have since then moved from Hong Kong to California to Texas, then back in California, and now living in a suburb near the Windy City in the Land of Lincoln.

On my old blog, I wrote about how I feel being a Hongkie in the US when I first moved here. Some of it has changed, but some still holds true. I think being an immigrant or a foreigner, you just can’t help but always have some sort of detachment to the place you live in. But don’t get me wrong, I love where I’m right now, and I hardly think about moving back to my home town.

This blog documents my life in the US. Blog posts are written in Chinese and/or English depending on the mood and topic.

6 thoughts on “What’s a Hongkie?

  1. The media here use the term “Hong Konger” which of course does not roll off the tongue as easily as “Honkie”.

    As I said in one of my blog “Root is where you are from; home is where you settle.”

    Look forward to hearing more journey-to-the-west story 🙂

    Ciao !!

  2. Haricot,

    I think it has to do with political correctness. The word Hongkie used to have a slightly derogative sense. But my take is, it doesn’t really matter now. It’s like the word “gweilo”. Any westerners who have spent a good amount of time in HK wouldn’t mind being called gweilo. It’s actually cool.

    Hongkie sounds way better than Hongkonger, if I may say so. 🙂

  3. Was searching for the term “Hongkie“ and landed at your site. Nice one!!!

    Just wondering if you are a native Hongkie? Sorry for asking as I can see your kids are so much like Indians rather…

    Anyway, nice to visit your blog and will come back often.


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