Happy Friday

It’s almost silly how happy I am about what I did at lunch today.

I was at Borders during my lunch break, and, as usual, I headed to the bargain section first. Then, I saw the 6th edition of Norton Anthology of American Literature on sale – at $3.99 per volume! I happily grabbed 3 volumes (C, D & E) – I wasn’t too much of a fan of early American literature and so I didn’t get Volumes A & B – and went to get lunch.

When I was at college, I had Volumes 1 & 2 of this anthology, which I think were the 1st or 2nd edition. At the time, all of us English majors called them “pillows,” since they resembled the traditional Chinese hard pillows, which were usually made of wood or ceramic, as far as I know. Each one of them is like 2 inches thick, and is a collection of writings from various American writers from different periods. We had to carry those around a lot, and it was quite an inconvenience because of its weigh.

A few years ago, the publisher decided to print volumes that are more portable* (thank god!) and launched the sixth edition of the anthology in volumes A – E. I haven’t seen them before, since obviously I’ve been out of school for too long to be looking for textbooks for myself. But now that I see them on such big sale, I couldn’t help but had to buy them. You see, each volume has selection of works by at least 20 writers. Some of the works are just 3 to 5 poems of one writer, but some are an entire book of fiction. So for $3.99, I get the equivalent of 10 to 20 books! It’s not a deal, it’s a steal! This should be more than enough reading materials for me for the next few months.

Oh, and did I mention lunch? I went to this fancy sandwich place (wichcraft, which happens to be one of my favorite lunch places here) after my book extravaganza and got myself a delish onion frittata, roasted tomato, and cheddar on ciabatta roll sandwich for less than $7 – their breakfast sandwich that are served all day long are the best kept secret. I’m all for cheap, yummy food.

It’s a happy, happy Friday for me!

*Note: Although each book is well over 1,000 pages, it’s still easy to carry around because they use very light weigh paper. So compare to the 2000+ pages volumes that I was using in college, this is truly very portable. Each book is maybe the same weigh as one or two regular paperback.