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本來打算上星期貼這篇文報導的,奈何自己又大頭蝦給忘了 😦


美國是全球最富庶國家之一,但不見得便沒有社會問題。其中一項沒有太多人關注的是青少年露宿問題。原來這富裕的國家每天都有一百三十多萬青少年要以街為家。不要以為這些露宿青少年都是不慕正業或懶惰頑劣,事實上他們大部份都是逼不得已--生長於問題家庭,自少便從一個foster home轉到另一個foster home,從小便得不到應有的關懷及愛護;到了十八歲,變成超齡兒童,不再受foster care system綣顧,一時間失去所有政府緩助,又沒有親友投靠,更沒甚麼專門知識或求生技能,真真正正的無親無顧,走投無路,無計可施,唯有以街頭為家,過一天便一天。


就算你不是居住美國,也可看看我寫的這篇相關文章及Do 1 Thing網站,了解一下强大國家的糖衣背後,也有其糜爛的一面。

Do 1 Thing

I should have posted this last Friday, but then I forgot 😦

Anyway, I think this is a really cool project and deserves a lot of attention. Although, Valentine’s Day has come & gone, you can still help homeless youth through this initiative any time in the year. Check out the article below & the Do1Thing website to see how you can help.

Do1Thing photographers help millions of teens on Valentine’s Day


*Administrative note: From now on, I’ll start posting some of the articles from RESOLVE – my “work” blog – especially those that I wrote or found particularly interesting.


RESOLVE is the name of our new company blog, which finally went live yesterday. Yay!

RESOLVE screen shot

From our official marketing lingo, “The RESOLVE blog is a place for photographers and photo industry professionals from every corner of the industry to share knowledge and expertise. Social Media Editor Miki Johnson has collaborated closely with contributors, including photographers, editors, curators, and reps, to create focused posts that will inform photographers at any level about the issues their colleagues face and how they have succeeded in spite of these obstacles. More than just providing inspiration and advice, however, the blog brings together professionals from different photo markets (fine-art, editorial, fashion, commercial, photojournalism, wedding and more) to discuss photography’s most pressing issues and encourages them to find innovative solutions by focusing on the positive aspects of this difficult time.

Check it out and let me know what you think about it. Comments, questions, and ideas from photographers (or anyone who’s passionate about photography) around the world are welcome. And, of course, as my friend and reader, you are encouraged to give me your thoughts. This is my first time as an editor of a corporate blog, I need all the feedback I can get. Please tell your photographer friends about RESOLVE!

(This should also explain the lack of posting around here lately…)